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NEW! The Wellness book now comes with a CD insert with two of our most popular books on CD.

B O O K & D V D

9-1-1 Wellness $74.95 Stress Less Workbook Hardcopy with 9-1-1 Journal and Console Yoga Cd insert 10 Chapters of personal exercises. For less than a ‘one day’ stress workshop you can allow your staff, or yourself, to explore stress from an internal and very personal viewpoint — at the console!

Console Yoga and 9-1-1 Journal FREE with 9-1-1 Wellness book $74.95

“Hi, Sue — I have been reading your book “Supervisor Q&A.” I was recently promoted to current position of shift supervisor. A co-worker of mine suggested your book “Winging It!” I just thought I'd let you know I find it very insightful and helpful. I think it truly reflects what happens in the dispatch center. Thanks!” —Kristi Kanski, Shift Supervisor Red River Regional Dispatch, Fargo, ND


“I keep coming back to this bo ok [The Exceptional Trainer] to keep m y motivation and morale UP.”

— Trainer

$25.95 each - sold in quantity to Comm Centers. Say you care.

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